Shiny Tin Roofs.

Seed Distribution Shiny tin roofs are all over the earthquake areas. Much needed after the devastation that left whole villages


Helicopter arrives with hydro parts. Dear Friends and Supporters. Since our last report progress has been a little slow. Funds

A Healthier Future for all. Change is inevitable

A young pregnant mother When trekking around the remote villages of the Hidden Himalayas one is struck by the beauty

Gothi Khola 50 kW MHP Visit

Almost 20 years ago we were standing on the trail in the Karnali valley and looking up at the first

The B.B.C. News (that’s Bargaun Birthing Centre)

Over the last couple of years, my good friend, Tony Sharpe’s project reports have rightly concentrated on the work of


The devastating earthquake of 25 April 2015, and subsequent huge aftershocks, destroyed whole communities. Thousands died and hundreds of thousands

Wells Rotarians Trek into Humla

It was Monday 2nd October 2000 when I first set eyes on Humla, flying just below the valley peaks in

Renewable Energy Service Center

After a successful training program in the course of 2010 for the students enrolled in our Renewable Energy Service Center