A continued need.

Dear Friends and Supporters.

As reported on previously we faced some challenges with the final stages of the construction works at the Kalika school in Nawalparasi, which included the construction of the main building and the toilet block. After many discussions, meetings and negotiations with the Maoist group Biplav, that demanded donations and forced our workers to halt construction, we managed to come to some resolutions, whereby we were able to continue our works. Due to the delays incurred we did have to make some changes in the local work force and also had to call upon the assistance of the local school committee to help us solving the matter.

Despite all this we are pleases to inform you all that the project is now near completion and the construction works have been completed. We now are preparing to get the furniture into the school after which it can be handed over to the school committee so that the teachers and students can use the building soonest. Although some delays have been incurred, we were still able to deliver a much needed project that will help many students to have better access to much needed education.

Although the earthquake happened a few years back, the aftermath of it and the problems faced in many villages is still clearly visible. There are still many schools in the Sindhupalchowk district that are in need of repair or rebuilding. We aim in the upcoming years to have similar projects in this area and hope you are able to support us, as our work is by far not finished.

On a similar note we are preparing for a comprehensive livelihood project in the same area to support approx. 140 farming families in their agricultural activities so they can increase their family income which enables them to rebuilding their lives. We aim to support them in various aspects of this, such as irrigation support, training, vegetable production, equipment and the like. Also for this we still require additional support and we hope you can spread the word as your help and support for these vital projects would be much appreciated.

Thank you for all your help and support to date and we hope we can continue our work with your support to make a bigger impact. Tell your friends and encourage them too.



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