A Hard Winter.

Dear Friends and Supporters

Humla is still in the grip of a hard winter. Deep snows have isolated villages and blocked trails and made it even more difficult to move around and communicate. Of course, this is not unusual at these elevations but this winter has been exceptional. The people are very adaptable and mainly cope but, sometimes, it is very difficult. Communications are a problem particularly for the only transport means by light aircraft. Walking far is not an option. Cell phones are now everywhere but they cannot bring in the food and medical supplies!

As soon as the weather improves we will push ahead with the final development and opening of our Renewable Energy Service Centre. We have agreed an operational plan with our chosen implementation partner Local Initiative Development Support Consultancy Agency (LIDS). The Nepal Trust will retain ownership of the facility and will fund one technician for the first two years (LIDS will fund a second one). We will also supply all the initial office and mechanical equipment.

LIDS will be expected to run a commercial business and the local communities will pay commercial rates. The service will also include advice to communities on how and where to source funding. After the initial 2 year phase lease renewal will be on a 3 year cycle.

At the present time the Trust is sourcing plant and materials much of which may have to come from India. I hope that by the next report we will have good news that the Centre is almost ready to go. After a hard winter there will probably be much to do servicing and repairing the many hydro and solar installations in the district.

We are still looking for your help and hope that you will continue to support this important economic project. Funds are required for the fitting out and start up phase. Thank you so much for all your support and interest and do, please, pass on the news to your friends and colleagues. The people of Humla already have a negligable carbon footprint let’s make it a positive one!



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