A slight change of direction.

Dear Friends and Supporters

It is now four and a half years since the horrendous earthquake in Nepal that wrecked so many communities and took thousands of lives. The world has moved on a bit and fresh disasters have taken over the headlines and demand for support. However, it doesn’t mean that all the problems and issues have gone away; there is still much to do.

The Nepal Trust has worked hard to improve conditions in the worst hit district of Sindupalchowk first of all providing emergency living accommodation, temporary schools and help to improve economic conditions and get communities back on their feet as quickly as possible. This approach has had a significant impact. Many children are now benefitting from nice shiny new schools. New irrigation systems are providing a healthy water supply and providing much needed water to improved farms.Veterinary services have improved the health of farm stock and the economic health of their owner farmers.

We feel that now is the time to to change focus and plan ahead. The hill people of Nepal are very resileant and with a little bit of help can overcome most things. The government is now providing support for home rebuilding and other infrastructure support. The Trust will focus on economic support for 140 farmers and their families in the Rural Municipalities of Helambu/Kiul, Kunchok, Nawalpur, Sipapokhare and Syaule. We have already demonstrated how this approach is successful where previous help and support has generated much interest with other farmers who recognise the benefits from new and improved farming systems. We hope to have this new project approach fully up and running in early 2020.

As you are all partners in this project I hope you are in agreement with the proposal and see the advantage of taking a more economic driven approach that will more quickly heal the traumas of the earthquake and bring the hill people back to life again. They will do it with your help!

Thank you so much for getting us to this point; we couldn’t have done it without you. Please stay with us and consider further support. Tell your friends and encourage them to. Many, many thanks.



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