Chairmen’s Message

Dear Friends and Supporters,

2015, which was the year of the earthquakes, was truly transformational for the Nepal Trust. It led to a fundamental change to our outlook and programme of activities, with the result that we have become a more broadly based operation in Nepal, working with a growing number of partners and other aid agencies.

We now have activities not only in Humla in the remote NW corner of Nepal and in the Sindhupalchowk Himalayan foothills, but also in a number of other regions of Nepal. Our operational team in Kathmandu expanded in 2016 to cope with this increase in activity and also moved to a new, larger office. 2017, will very likely also prove to be a transformational year.

Having visited Nepal with Board colleagues in the late spring and having traveled/trekked round many projects, we returned to the UK more than satisfied with the efforts of the local team and progress being made on many fronts. 

Highlights from Humla were seeing that the birthing centres we have built at Bargaun and Sarkegad are operational and having a positive impact on the communities and also seeing that, after many years of operation, the Ghoti Kohla micro-hydroelectric system was still keeping the lights burning in the Ghoti valley.

In Sindhupalchowk it was disappointing to see how many people in the earthquake areas are still living beneath temporary corrugated sheet structures (cold in the winter and damp in the monsoon). What progress is being made looks to be due primarily to the efforts of many charities such as the Nepal Trust and the local people.

As always, I must praise and thank our UK team of volunteers without whom nothing would work. We are however, an aging team and it remains a growing concern as to how to find younger volunteers to take up the challenge of taking the Nepal Trust forward. Perhaps the best outcome of all from our spring visit was that Sally (Woodes Rogers), an experienced public health practitioner who traveled with us, has volunteered to join the Board and will work with us to rejuvenate and re-energize our community health programme.

If you could see yourself as part of the team, why not follow in Sally‚Äôs footsteps: please step forward and make contact.