Another new school.

Dear Friends and Supporters.

We all know how important a good education is for our children and their futures. The terrible earthquake of 2015 destroyed that hope for many and the repercussions continue. Temporary learning centres (TLC) were set up very quickly so children could continue with a basic education but replacement schools take a long time to go through all the necessary planning stages before they can even start. The Nepal Trust has been at the forefront of this process building new schools where there is a need. Unfortunately, the aftermath of the earthquake left many buildings in a ‘useable’ but precarious state and it is now evident that these buildings have to be replaced before there is a disaster.

One such school is at Kalika in Nawalparisi district. This is a particularly poor area where nearly 40% of the population are illiterate. The original school was built in 1984 with the support of a number of the local people who were concerned about the lack of education for their children. It was built mainly from wood and bamboo but served its purpose and opened up a new future for their children. In 2007 a new concrete and brick teaching block was added with the support of a foreign aid agency. The earthquake of 2015 created so much damage that the building is now unsafe and cannot be used. Almost back to square one!

In addition the demand for education has increased and the current school is too small. The school caters for 450 students; 230 girls and 220 boys, from nursery to grade 10. The Nepal Trust will construct a new safe school building with 8 classrooms, provide new furniture and build a new toilet/sanitation block.

The main aim of this particular programme is to aid the recovery of this earthquake affected area with a focus on child education. The long term aim is to promote social reconstruction, political stability and social cohesion by developing an improved and sustainable secondary education system that falls within the new Government policy. The programme also aims to reinstate and develop education provision in accordance with the United Nations Millenium Development Goals (MDGs) particularly those which focus on achieving global primary education and extreme poverty reduction.

The need caused by the devastating affect of that 2015 earthquake continues and will do so for some time yet. I know disasters happen somewhere in the world every year and it is easy to forget but there are always long-term repercussions to deal with. This is definitely the case in Nepal and it will need our help for a long time yet.

Thank you for all your help and support so far. I hope you will continue to help and share with your friends. Tell them that there is still a great need and by contributing they will be helping some of the poorest people on the planet.


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