Covid-19 is still centre stage.

Dear Friends and supporters In Nepal the number of people infected with the Corona virus is still rising. The district

The lock down continues.

Dear friends and supporters. Since our last report the Covid 19 pandemic has taken a grim hold in Nepal. New

Empowering Girls and Women.

Dear Friends and Supporters The practice of  Chhaupadi is rooted in very ancient beliefs; now illegal but very difficult to

Ready to go but…..!

Dear Friends and Supporters. Since our last report there has been no progress. The Covid19 pandemic was slow to start

Lock Down.

Dear Friends and Supporters. This is a difficult time for everyone in the remote areas of the Hidden Himalayas. Particularly

Battling Covid-19 Pandemic.

Dear friends and supporters We hope you are all keeping well at this difficult time. Restrictions and lock-downs are a

Some progress.

Dear Friends and Supporters. We are still working hard to put funds in place to support our new focus project

Now for the next challenge.

Dear Friends and Supporters It is time for us to move on to our next school challenge. We have completed

First installations.

Dear friends and supporters. I am very happy to report that our operations partner – LIDS – is now up

The 3 Clinics project.

Dear Friends and Supporters. Back in 2017 we had initial discussions with the Humla District Health Officer (DHO) about the

A slight change of direction.

Dear Friends and Supporters It is now four and a half years since the horrendous earthquake in Nepal that wrecked

Nearly there.

Dear Friends and Supporters We are nearly there! Work on the construction of two new classrooms at the hostel school

Machinery has been ordered.

Dear Friends and Supporters I am very happy to report that now we have a new Project Agreement with the

Another step forward.

Dear Friends and Supporters Our implementation partner SHIP-NEPAL have produced their first 3-monthly report that clearly demonstrates how lifestyles and

A continued need.

Dear Friends and Supporters. As reported on previously we faced some challenges with the final stages of the construction works