Continued progress.

Dear Friends and Supporters The construction works at Muchu village are still ongoing, despite the heavy rainfalls. As reported previously

Waiting for a new start.

Dear friends and supporters. Last time we reported on the fact that our 5 year plan with the government had


Dear Friends and Supporters My apologies for this brief report as I pack and make ready to move house and

Safe in School.

Dear Friends and Supporters. The Kalika school rebuilding project is going well and construction of the main building and the

Progress is being made.

Dear Friends and Supporters Muchu village is about as far as you can go in north west Nepal before you

Spring has arrived.

Dear Friends and Supporters The hard winter is now over and it is easier to get around in Nepal’s remotest

The Year of Change.

Dear Friends and Supporters   Giving birth in Humla is a risky business. Doleni Sunar, a mother aged 46 years,

Education is a Priority.

Dear friends and supporters. My apologies for this brief report and I do hope to have more detailed information for

Education is their right.

Dear friends and supporters Humla is currently under heavy snow and it is very difficult to move around. There are

A Hard Winter.

Dear Friends and Supporters Humla is still in the grip of a hard winter. Deep snows have isolated villages and

Top of the Class.

Dear Friends and Supporters. As an INGO the Nepal Trust has strict Nepal government rules and regulations to follow. While

Community Feedback.

Dear friends and supporters. It is nearly 4 years since the devastating earthquake that killed so many people and destroyed

There is definitely more light!

Dear friends and supporters. Our 5 year Project Agreement with the government has now been approved and we can now

Towards Self-Sufficiency.

Dear Friends and Supporters. Here is a brief update and a more detailed report on what we hope to achieve

Report submission.

Looking back 25 years.   Twenty five years ago healthcare in the remote areas of the Nepal Himalayas was very