Continued progress.

Dear Friends and Supporters

The construction works at Muchu village are still ongoing, despite the heavy rainfalls. As reported previously the ongoing works included the construction of the new the canteen/kitchen and storage facilities to meet the increased demand from children from outlying villages. We are happy to inform you that these components have been fully completed.

In discussion with the local school committee the site for new classrooms has been identified and currently wood and local materials are being collected to start the building works. Other works that hopefully soon can start include the full repair and maintenance of the school hall, which is great need to be upgraded.

This will enable the school management committee to provide better education facilities and services to the many children that are in need of proper education. With our help they will surely succeed.

Your support is as always much needed and gratefully received. We like to thank you for all support you have provided us with to date and we hope you will continue with us. Please tell your friends and encourage them to.



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