Education is their right.

Dear friends and supporters

Humla is currently under heavy snow and it is very difficult to move around. There are no roads and walking is your only option. Muchu is a 3-4 day walk from Simikot along the main trail to Hilsa, the crossing point into Tibet. At this time of the year there is little movement.

However, what feedback we are receiving suggests all is well at the school and academic life continues as normal. Children, even the youngest, have the hostel as their home during the week where they receive warm food, a bed and some homely comforts. It is the normal routine for those children who live faraway and cannot make the journey on a daily basis and would not, therefore, receive any education.

This project is part of a wider two strand project. The first strand, which is now fully funded, involves the development and expansion of the school and its facilities. This work is now progressing. The second strand, which is covered by this project, involves the development and the running costs of the school hostel. Without the hostel many children simply would not be able to attend school and receive any education limiting their life opportunities in the future.

The project plans to cover running costs for three years by which time it is hoped that the hostel will be self sustaining. This will be achieved by setting up a wholesale and distribution centre in Hilsa. Hilsa is rapidly developing in to an economic hub on the Tibet/China border and is also the main access to holy Mount Kailash in Tibet. Work has started on this economic opportunity and hopes are high that it will succeed.

Many thanks for your interest and support and we hope you will continue with us until we have improved the life chances of these children of north Humla. Please spread the news and the importance of helping these remote children achieve some of their ambitions. We look forward to sharing progress with you over the coming months.



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