First installations.

Dear friends and supporters.

I am very happy to report that our operations partner – LIDS – is now up and running at our new Renewable Energy Service Centre in Simikot. This is a major achievement and the start of a new dawn in Humla, officially the remotest and most deprived district in Nepal. The only district still to get a road connection to the outside world – imagine!

The establishment of a high tech operation in such a remote area opens up opportunities for the economy and provides hope for the future. Perhaps it will help to stem the flow of young people to the cities.

One of LIDs first tasks was to install solar power to three new Health/Birthing clinics in south Humla. This is a health project completed by the Nepal Trust and handed over to the District Health Officer as part of the government health system. Each clinic is fully electrified including the installation of solar fridges for the storage of vaccines – a totally new service not available before and a modern life-saver.

The Service Centre in Humla is unique in Nepal and an example of how clean modern technology can help to transform rural economies. Time will tell but the Trust is committed to this project for some time yet to ensure it develops solid foundations and a bright future.

Thank you to you all who have stayed with this project and helped in many ways. We really value your support and hope you will continue to help when you can. Please get your friends involved. We would love to hear from you with your ideas and suggestions on how we could further develop this project to help bring maximum economic benefits to this most remote and impoverished part of the planet.



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