Trek GeneralWe organize a number of treks to extend or restore our healthcare and renewable energy facilities every year. Typically the treks run for 3 to 5 weeks and are scheduled after the monsoon from mid Sept. to mid Oct., when the rivers are low and the harvest has been collected. Normally they involve enthusiastic people and volunteers from all walks and all backgrounds in life.

Everyone who has been to Humla with us on a trek has returned enthusing about the opportunity to contribute to the work of the Nepal Trust and of the work we are doing. For most of them it is a life changing experience to have visited such a remote and impoverished part of the world: but they will tell you a part of the world perhaps more at peace with itself than many corners of the modern western world.

Below you can see a map of Humla with the general treks that we can organize for you throughout Humla and some useful documents that will help you preparing for a trek. We are also able to prepare treks that involve different routes and areas. To find out which treks are planned for this year, drop us an Email.


General Treks Map

Trek Map