The Nepal Trust was founded by Alan Jacobsen, a Scottish businessman and ex British-Indian Army Major, who gave years of energy and dedication to forming and supporting the Nepal Trust as a way of giving something back to the country which was the home of the Gurkhas who had served alongside him in Burma and at one time saved his life in WWII.

After the war he returned to India thence to Scotland in 1956 where he developed a career as a business consultant. In 1993 at the age of 72 he returned to Nepal for the first time since the war and was greatly disturbed by the lack of medical facilities and by the high infant & child mortality in Humla. On his return to Scotland, he established the Nepal Trust with the objective of improving health care, education, and ecological awareness in the north-west of Nepal. He also gave the people of the region the most precious gift of hope.

Alan Jacobsen died on 5th December 2008, content in the knowledge that the Nepal Trust was doing so much for the poorest people of Nepal.

The Nepal Trust has grown into one of the most cost-effective charities around – one which takes its partnership and commitment to the people of Humla seriously. Our twenty year track record of delivering solutions in this remote and difficult area has earned us the trust and respect of the locals and credibility within the international community.