Lynne Tapper and Nepal Trust working together for education and literacy

Lynne was born in the UK before moving to Canada at the age of 11. She worked as a pre-school teacher in the inner-city where she became accustomed to telling stories to entertain children.

When she eventually moved back to England, she was involved in one of the first Employment Zones in the UK – a Government initiative to help people get back into work. She soon became a motivational trainer – telling stories once again to inspire positive change – as she worked with people recovering from illness, lone parents, long-term unemployed, ex-offenders and young people, helping them move towards success and happiness in their lives.

Lynne spent many years looking for the answers to being happy through relationships, travelling, people pleasing, rescuing, shopping, self-help movements, chocolate, socializing and being a drama queen – finally finding the answer when she stopped looking. She now helps large companies develop their Corporate Social Responsibility and works with young ex-offenders helping them help themselves!

The Nepal Trust has been collaborating with Lynne Tapper not only to promote her new book ‘Living with Feet Too Big for a Glass Slipper’, which is a semi-autobiographical tale based on Lynne’s life, but also to promote the Trust in both UK and Canada in order to support children’s education and literacy projects in Humla.

For more information please visit Lynne’s website.