Nearly there.

Dear Friends and Supporters

We are nearly there! Work on the construction of two new classrooms at the hostel school have started. In addition we have started work on the renovation and repair of a school at Challa village. This school caters for 44 students many of whom will move on to Muchu to finish their education.

When these works are completed we will have concluded our Agreement with the government and will move on to other schools in the district that badly need our help and support.

We will not forget Muchu and will always be there to provide our support and help when needed. This is our normal procedure and we have never totally abandoned a single project in Humla. This approach has helped us build a trusting relationship with the local villagers who know we will always be there to support them. The people of the Hidden Himalayas are never forgotten by us.

However, under our government agreement we must also move on and help other communities that require support to rebuild their schools and a better future for their children. We do thank you for your support and hope you will continue to help us tackle the myriad of problems and issues that affect this beautiful but impoverished country. A decent education for the children in these remote areas is a lifeline to a better future and a sustainable one in their own communities.

Thank you for your help and Namaste.


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