Nepal Trust and Stichting Nepal collaborate with FairFriends

In April 2014 Nepal Trust and our Dutch partner Stichting Nepal, entered into a collaboration with FairFriends in order to raise funds for our healthcare program in Humla.

FairFriends is a Dutch Fair Trade organization that recently won the prestigious Dutch ASN Bank Award, for developing a unique online platform that connects producers and buyers from fair trade products worldwide directly with each other without any middle men.

FairFriends recently announced that they wished to support 8 local development projects, whereby 10% from sales are directly utilized to support local initiatives; 5% goes to a project chosen buy the product buyer and 5% to a project chosen by the product producer.

From over 120 applications Nepal Trust has been selected as one of the eight organizations, whereby we aim to raise funds for our health program in Humla.

We like to thank FairFriends for this great opportunity and also Stichting Nepal for their support.

More information on this initiative can be found by clicking this link.