Nepal Trust invited for Colorado, USA Speaking Tour with Rotary Durango Daybreak and Distr. 5470

In July 2013 8 members and supporters of the Rotary Club of Durango Daybreak from Colorado (D. 5470) travelled to Humla to install 165 solar lamps and mobile phone units throughout 30 villages in Humla district. After this successful project, which altered many lives of people in Humla, Jeroen was kindly invited by the club to speak at the International Rotary District Conference in Colorado Springs in October 2013 to present the works of the Trust for all 57 clubs and the international committee.

During the plenary session at the conference Jeroen, together with members from the club presented the Humla project and gave an insight in possible energy and livelihood related projects for upcoming years.

After the conference a speaking tour was organized by RC Durango Daybreak, in which Jeroen visited all 3 clubs in Durango, Rotary youth and schools to discuss development issues in Nepal and Humla in particular.

Jeroen stayed at the houses of the several members and supporters throughout his stay and we like to thank all the members for their kind hospitality..

It was a great opportunity to introduce our works to USA Rotary and we are very grateful to RC Durango Daybreak to make this an unforgettable experience. We surely look forward to strengthen our collaborative efforts in future with the club and district to benefit the people of Nepal.

A great video documentary, which was recently aired at the Durango Independent Film Festival showing how Rotarians from Durango Daybreak (Distr. 5470, USA) and The Nepal Trust (UK/Nepal) are working ‘hands on’ to install solar lamps and mobile phone charging units at local tea shops, homestays and houses in the more remote and poorer areas of the Himalaya’s of Nepal to improve local businesses, income generation and tele-communication through environment friendly renewable energy technologies along the Great Himalaya Trail can be seen by clicking this link.