Nepal Trust promotion with Kutumba concert and Nepal Ambassador visit in Aberdeen

Kutumba, Nepal’s most exciting traditional folk band will conclude their tour around Scotland on Saterday 15 September, at the Arts Lecture Theatre, University of Aberdeen.

The event, that will take place from 4.30pm to 7.30pm, will provide a unique opportunity to enjoy traditional music of the Himalayas of Nepal.

The event will coincide with a special visit to Aberdeen of the Nepal Ambassador, who together with representatives from the Embassy and The Nepal Trust will promote the country of Nepal and its development.

In order to do so, and to introduce people to development issues of the country, an exhibition will be held, in which development organizations will explain about their works and the impacts they have made in Nepal.

The Nepal Trust will not only have its own exhibition stand to promote its work and achievements in Nepal, but on invitation by the event’s steering committee, we will also give a short presentation during the formal part of the day, to highlight the Trust’s work and to promote Nepal as a tourism destination.

We surely hope to see you on 15 September in Aberdeen to not only enjoy great music from Kutumba, but also to learn about The Nepal Trust and how you can get involved to help the local communities in need.

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