Progress is being made.

Dear Friends and Supporters

Muchu village is about as far as you can go in north west Nepal before you hit the border with Tibet/China.It lies in the beautiful Karnali river valley at an elevation of over 3000m. It is the ‘centre’ for a number of smaller villages scattered around within a few hours trekking. There is splendid monastery there that has been helped to renovate by the Nepal Trust.

It sits on the main trail to Mount Kailash, an important pilgrimage site for Buddhists and Hindus, and can be very busy during the tourist season. Simikot, the headquarters for Humla, is a 2-3 day walk south but Tibet, to the north is less than one day a way. Economic activity has always preferred the northern route and this will remain so as a road is slowly being developed from the border to the south and eventually to Simikot. It has always been the plan to set up a trading station at the border to generate income to support the school and its hostel for outlying pupils. We are sure that this will happen because the people of Muchu are traders, that is what they do and it is part of their heritage. With our help they will surely succeed.

Winter has now passed and the snow at school level has gone. Work is progressing well to build the canteen/kitchen and storage facilities to meet the increased demand from children from outlying villages.Work on new additional classrooms will start later in the year.

A good education increases life chances and is an incredible lifeline for children from such remote and difficult areas. Your support is much needed and gratefully received. Thank you for all you have done to support this cause and we hope you will continue with us. Please tell your friends and encourage them to.



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