Safe in School.

Dear Friends and Supporters.

The Kalika school rebuilding project is going well and construction of the main building and the toilet block is well advanced. Some politics reared its ugly head when the Maoist group Biplav demanded donations and forced our workers to halt construction or they would create more problems.We are now in discussion with them to solve the matter and we hope to complete the building by this summer.

This is something the Nepal Trust has had to deal with before, particularly during the civil war. However, we was recognised as a trustworthy and reliable organisation and allowed to continue our work. The majority of other agencies and government offices had to pack up and leave.

The havoc and destruction caused by the 2015 earthquake is more widespread than previously thought particularly affecting schools. Over a much wider area many were totally destroyed and a greater number were damaged to the point of being unsafe. The Trust is now working in a number of areas to help rebuild schools and improve education opportunities for the many deprived children in some of the remoter areas.

One such area is the district of Makwanpur southwest of Kathmandu. It is fairly close to the capital and also to the Indian border to the south. Makwanpur is a prime target for human trafficking both within and outwith Nepal. The Safe in School project aims to keep students safe in their school; this involves implementing various child-centered activities at the school. Our assumption is that this will increase school attendance, decrease school dropout rates and motivate students to increase learning achievements. The project concentrates on improving the quality of the school facilities in some of the poorest villages in Makwanpur district, which were also some of the most earthquake affected. By focusing on reducing dropouts and increasing school enrollment we can ultimately keep children out of the hands of traffickers whilst improving their life chances.

Five primary and lower secondary schools attended by 1500 children have been identified for structural improvements. An additional component includes capacity building  that will involve child health education, girls hygiene, improved nutrition, and teacher training.

Your help and support for this vital project would be much appreciated. Children need the building blocks of life to have a sustainable future and we can help them to achieve this. Thank you for all your help and support since this disaster happened but we need much more to make an impact. Tell your friends and encourage them too.



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