Some progress.

Dear Friends and Supporters.

We are still working hard to put funds in place to support our new focus project that will target 140 farmers by supporting and improving farming and agricutural practices and techniques. Funds are nearly there and we hope to get the project for Livelihood Support off the ground any time now. Our earlier trial projects and have demonstrated the big improvements that can be made through proper support and training. The sooner  these small farmers can become more efficient and productive the sooner they and their families will get back to normal lives. The following is a case study gathered by our field staff as an example of what can be achieved through your support.

Chaulagain of Sipapokhare-2 is 60 years old. He has 9 members in his family. Recently, only 3 members of his family stay in the temporary home. Chaulagain started to get involved in agriculture business since 2061 B.S. Before the massive earthquake; Chaulagain’s economic conditions was good and in a progressing phase. Even he made a tank where he collected water for irrigation use. After the earthquake; Chaulagain is using water pipes for irrigation purpose. The earthquake disrupted his livelihood opportunities. Chaulagain’s family relies heavily on farming.

With the intervention undertaken by ICCO/Act Alliance to recover the livelihood opportunities of 12 farmers from Sipapokhare VDCs of Sindhupalchowk . Nepal Trust (NT) being local implementing partner supported Chaulagain with seeds of cauliflower, tomato, long beans and cabbage, plastic tunnel, spray machine, pesticides, sprinkle, pipes, watering jug, scissors to continue his disrupted livelihood.

Chaulagain received assistance to start plastic tunnel farming. After months of hard work in the farm, his hard effort has finally paid off. His farm now flourishes with cauliflower plants. Chaulagain mentions “Agriculture helps in being independent and improve livelihood”. The initiative is expected to recover the disrupted livelihood of Chaulagain in more improved and productive manner. As for the rest of his crops, they are in the process on production.

Meanwhile our work to completely rebuild the Kalika school (see previous reports) has now been completed and handed over to the education authorities. Last month donors from Rotary International (RI) made a visit to see the finished project and were very impressed. The Trust has built a number of new schools in earthquake prone areas and there is little doubt that many more will be required as the full effect of the earthquake becomes apparent. All are rebuilt to government approved earthquake resistance standards.

All at the Nepal Trust want to thank our supporters and donors for all you have done to help this project and bring fresh hope back in to the lives of these hardworking and resourcful mountain people. There is some light at the end of the tunnel but we all need your continued support to finish the job. We hope you will continue with us and please pass on this news to your friends and colleagues and suggest they might wish to add their support.



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