The Nepal Trust uses tourism, the world’s largest industry, in a responsible way as a driving catalyst for job creation, income generation & local (economic) development in the poorest parts of Nepal. The Nepal Trust organizes & runs (commercialized) ‘Treks-to-Build Health & Community’ throughout Nepal to develop the Karnali region by combining business with sustainable development. The Nepal Trust is supported by UNESCO to promote Humla Eco-tourism and develop the Humla Natural & Cultural Trail and by UNWTO/STEP/SNV to implement the much talked about Great Himalaya Trail Development Program (, which has been promoted through the Trust’s efforts in partnership with Sean Burch ( and Rotary International District 3292 – Nepal.

Past Projects

  • Establishment Nepal Trust Guest House – The first Guest House in west Nepal!
  • Pioneered ‘Treks-to-Build Health & Community’ Program
  • UNESCO Eco-Tourism Project (2002 – 2007)
  • Development local Tourism Development Committees (TDCs)
  • Cook/Guide/Lodge/Waste Management/Etc. trainings
  • Rosie Swale Pope’s Golden Run Across Nepal (2003 – 68 days)
  • The Great Himalaya Trail Development Project (Pilot in Humla and Dolpa in partnership with UNWTO/STEP/SNV) (2008 – 2010)
  • Sean Burch’s World Record Expedition Across Nepal (2010 – 49 days)
  • The Great Himalaya Trail Development Project (National Project in Humla in partnership with DFID/SNV/Nepal Government from 2010-2013)
  • ‘Treks-to-Build Health & Community’ Program
  • Upgrade Simikot Guest House
  • Kailash Sacred Landscape Development Project in partnership with ICIMOD (2014)
  • Facilitated post-disaster Trail Assesment Study in partnership with OXFAM (2016)

Ongoing Projects

  • ‘Treks-to-Build Health & Community’ Program

Planned Projects

  • Expansion ‘Treks-to-Build Health & Community’ Program