Thank you for getting this far! We really appreciate all the support that people give us, and want to make things as easy as possible for you in your efforts to help us.

We’ve put together a few items that we think may be useful in promoting and/or fundraising for us. Let us know if you’ve any further ideas or resources you’d like to share with others. For help and comments on any of these resources (including technical problems and for different formats of documents) please Contact us.

Useful Information Sheet: a page of key facts about the Nepal Trust and Humla (also included in Press Release sample).
Namaste newsletter: New issue coming soon.
NT General Poster: a general NT poster to use to brighten up events and stands.
Rotary-in-Action Poster:: a Rotary-in-Action NT poster to use to brighten up Rotary events and stands
Support Form: a donation form for people wishing to make one off donations or become Members or Friends.
Contact Details Form: useful for collecting contact details of people who want to find out more. Use this at your event then post it back to us to follow up on the contacts.
Donation List: a leaflet outlining the kinds of things that people’s donations pay for.
Ideas for Fundraising: a page of ideas to help get you started.
Press Release Sample: you can use this as an outline or copy parts of it to help with a press release for your local papers, radio etc. to publicise events you may be doing.


We’ve put together a 15-20 minute slide-show about the Nepal Trust, which you can use as it is or adapt with your own personal touch. Contact us for a copy, with details of the event you want to use it for.