On this page we would like to acknowledge and thank the many individuals, organisations, trusts and societies that have believed in us over the years, and to pay tribute to some of our real-life heroes, who give so much of themselves for others. We would not be here today without your dedicated support.


Rotary The Nepal Trust has enjoyed a long standing relationship with Rotary. Rotary International, Rotary in Britain & Ireland, the Rotary of Nepal and the Rotary Foundation have provided the bulk of our funding since former RIBI President Neill Hill selected the Nepal Trust as his preferred charity in 1998.


RIBIDr. Himansu K. Basu, Past District Governor and Chairman RIBI International Service Committee 2007-08 said:


Dr. Basu“It was a pleasure to have met you and your team during my recent visit to Nepal. Discussing examples of local needs and humanitarian work done by the Nepal Trust, the impact it has made to local communities, and experiencing the commitment of everyone was a unique and valuable experience which I shall remember. You deserve strong support from Rotary”.




It would be impossible to list the many, many people who have contributed over the years and who continue to do so, on behalf of the people of Nepal – thank you everyone!

However, as a gesture of thanks and as an inspiration to others, here we profile just a few of the outstanding individuals who have been working tirelessly for the people of the ‘Hidden Himalayas’. Who would you nominate for this page?

Janet Griffin

Janet GriffingNurse Janet is known and loved across Humla. Since the very beginning, when Janet and her husband Ken, an engineer, joined the first trek to build, Janet has been dedicated to helping the people of the ‘Hidden Himalayas’.

Janet has been instrumental in setting up each and every health post, she trained and mentored the health workers, and participated in the ’04 and ’06 health camps, caring for literally thousands of people.

Now retired, Janet is a tireless ambassador for the Trust, raising thousands of pounds for the Trust through talks and other events.

Rosie Swale-Pope

Janet GriffingIn 2003, adventurer Rosie Swale-Pope set a new world record when she speed-trekked 1700 km across the mountain tops of the Himalayas in just 68days. Accompanied by a team of Nepal Trust staff, Rosie ran from one of Nepal to the other, raising thousands of pounds for the Trust.

But she didn’t stop there! Shortly after returning to the UK she set off to run around the world, and now, nearly five years later, she’s almost home!

Read more about Rosie’s work for the Nepal Trust

Visit Rosie’s website.

James Hart-Dyke

Janet GriffingRoyal artist and patron of the Nepal Trust, James Hart Dyke has visited Nepal several times on painting expeditions organised by the Trust. His work focusses on the physically challenging landscapes of the Himalayas. More recently he accompanied HRH The Prince of Wales as official artist on several royal tours.

“…he has trekked through difficult terrain, canvases strapped to his back, and overcome altitude sickness to produce painting after painting of snow-drenched mountains and hidden valleys. His is an extreme art..”

Extreme painting, The Guardian, 24/11/04

H.R.H. Sir Prince Charles“He (James Hart Dyke) is to be congratulated for linking up with the Nepal Trust, which does so much good work in education, health care, sustainable energy development and heritage preservation in remote regions of Nepal”

H.R.H. The Prince of Wales

 Visit James’ homepage

Sean Burch

RotaryIn 2010, ultra-adventure athlete and explorer Sean Burch set a new official world record by crossing the Himalayas of Nepal from east to West along the Great Himalaya Trail in just 49 days, 6 hours and 8 minutes!

The expedition, which was facilitated by Nepal Trust and supported by Rotary Intl. District 3292 Nepal, impressed Nepal Government so much, that they named Sean ‘Honorary Ambassador of Nepal Tourism Year 2011’ in a function that was organized for him at the American Ambassador’s residence in Washington DC (USA).

The expedition received huge media coverage in more than 100 countries reaching over 500 million people that were introduced for the first time to the ‘Hidden Himalayas’ of Nepal.

Sean Burch is a multiple Guinness World Record holder and noted by National Geographic as ‘One of the World’s Top Extreme Adventurers’ and is the author of the highly received fitness/wellness book, ‘Hyperfitness, 12 Weeks to Conquering Your Inner Everest and Getting into the Best Shape of Your Life’.

Sean is a motivational specialist for companies around the world as well as an award winning fitness master trainer and design consultant (www.HyperfitnessLiving.com).

Visit Sean’s homepage

Other Trusts, Societies and Organisations

We’d like to acknowledge the generosity of the many other organisations that have supported us. A full list will be posted shortly.