The 3 Clinics project.

Dear Friends and Supporters.

Back in 2017 we had initial discussions with the Humla District Health Officer (DHO) about the possibility of providing health services to south Humla with the provision of improved health clinics. South Humla is very remote and many days walk north or south to functioning health clinics and other services. Impossible for many.

After much discussion with the DHO and village health committees it was agreed that the Trust would build new clinics at three locations  in the southern half of Humla to maximise health delivery and improve efficiency. Sites were chosen in the villages of Maspur, Tumcha and Piplang. These three sites cover a population of 12331 villagers of which 41% are children. Each clinic would also be upgraded to Birthing Centres to improve life chances for mothers and babies; something that these remote village people had never had leading to one of the highest infant mortality rates in the world.

I am very proud and excited to tell you that these three clinics have now been built and function as part of the government system under the control of the DHO and his staff. Each clinic has a Birthing centre fully equiped, stocked, furnished and managed by fully trained staff. All clinics include toilet and sanitation facilities designed for easy maintenance and a canteen and kitchen block to provide meals for patients and staff. Clean fresh drinking water is on tap and appropriate garbage and waste disposal have been provided.

Solar panels now provide light and power never been seen before in this part of Nepal. Solar powered fridges at each clinic ensure that vaccines can be safely stored.

Each clinic will provide health training programmes that will raise awareness of basic health issues and give simple solutions. This is the approach used in our Little Doctors  project which has been very successful.

All of this is a major achievement in a part of the world that it can take days of hard trekking to reach from any direction. It is also a remarkable achievement that our work over 25 years has been fully recognised by the government as a fully functioning contributor to the national health system. This includes not only the 3 Clinics but our other five clinics in central and north Humla too. We will remain for some years yet to monitor and help when necessary through our partner SHIP.

I hope you all feel as proud as I do for this wonderful achievement and many thanks for all your help and support. Without your help we couldn’t have done it; simple as that. However we are still there looking to help and support where we can. We will still need your help so please donate if you can. Your friends and colleagues might also be impressed and like to help. Please ask them.



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