The Great Himalayan Trail Record broken – 49 days, 6 hours, 8 minutes!

The famous ultra-adventure athlete Sean Burch ( has travelled 2000 kilometers (1250 miles) across Nepal over The Great Himalayan Trail in 49 days, 19 fewer than the past record set in 2003.

Burch passed through 18 of the remotest Himalayan districts in Nepal, traversed 1,250 miles, took over 2.6 million steps and tackled elevation gains/losses of over 500,000 ft. to reach altitudes over 20,000 ft. Some of the obstacles faced included blinding snowstorms, one of the worst monsoons in Nepal’s history, landslides, high altitude, leeches, hypothermia and extreme daily mental and physical exhaustion.

This great project, which was facilitated by the Nepal Trust, has been great awareness raising for Nepal and has been covered by Reuters, Associated Press, National Geographic, and many renowned intl. news networks including BBC News, NBC News, Explorers Web and CNN.

Sean has also been appointed Honorary Goodwill Ambassador for Nepal Tourism Year 2011 by the Nepal Government for his work in ‘the development, promotion and marketing of Nepal as a preferred tourist destination’ and for his achievement in setting a new world record for the fastest crossing of Nepal, east to west.

Sean is committed to the people of Nepal and he hopes that this trek will not only bring Nepal to the attention of the international public but also assist the Nepal Government in their efforts to promote Nepal during their National Tourism Year in 2011.

He also hopes to raise awareness of development works along the GHT related to infrastructure, healthcare, education, renewable energy and with special focus on local culture and heritage preservation to bring many benefits to the social and economic development of the people living in these areas.

Visit the Great Himalaya Trail Development Project website here.