Clean, renewable energy has always been an important part of our integrated development solutions. Due to the fact that maintenance of renewable energy resources is a costly and time-consuming problem, Nepal Trust intends to establish a renewable energy service centre in Simikot, that would serve as a workshop and training centre where local people can be trained in keeping power plants and other technology maintained and operating throughout the year, but also assist local off grid communities in basic sanitation, metal and other construction works.

We are delighted that we have entered an exclusive partnership with TRAID (Textile Recycling for Aid and International Development), who has decided to act as our main supporter for this project.

TRAID is a UK based organization that recycles old clothes and textile into high quality clothes that are sold to the public in order to generate funds for development projects in both the UK and abroad.

Currently, TRAID has ten shops located in London and Brighton and you may like to check them out:

As Madeleine Bates, International Development Manager from TRAID, mentioned:
“We are so excited about this; it is a real departure for us in terms of funding clean renewables, and it is such an innovative project”.

Massive thanks to TRAID for their efforts and support, and we look forward working with them.

In case you have ideas, suggestions, skills, or would like to volunteer for this project, please contact us for more information.