Volunteers are the life blood of the Nepal Trust. In the UK we are mainly a volunteer organisation which means that every £ donated is a £ spent in Nepal. We depend almost entirely on volunteers to organise and run our affairs including administration, fund raising, communications and membership.

Please drop us an email if you are able to give us some time and a little active support.

In Nepal we set up programs to place western volunteers to sustain projects on a cost effective basis & bring specialized knowledge into our project areas. Doctors, nurses, dentists to contribute to our primary health care programme; people with technical, construction, administrative, educational and anyone else who can contribute in a positive way, are welcome to use their skills and knowledge to work towards enhancement of the living conditions of local communities in North West Nepal.

No matter what your back ground and what your skills we have a role for you – just drop us an email.

Also do you know someone who might want to volunteer? Please put us in contact with one another.

Please note that the Nepal Trust has been recognized as a great organization to volunteer for in Nepal; an article related to medical volunteering has been published in ‘700 Places to Volunteer Before You Die – A Traveler’s Guide’, written by Nola Lee Kelsey in 2010.

The Nepal Trust in ‘700 Places to Volunteer Before You Die’